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Does anyone know anything about Mozart's Coronation Mass?


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I have to write a paper over the weekend about its origin and how it was written. When I google any of it, it gives me Wikipedia (which my teacher said was not a credible source) or a bunch of youtube performances or sites trying to sell me a CD or sheet music. I cannot find any information of the history of the mass. Anyone able to help?

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I have a recording of it, so I might have some liner notes about the piece. Maybe I can help you that way. I'm not sure if I have them or not, though. Maybe my encyclopedias will say something about it. I can certainly do my best to find whatever information you need and give you the sources (because I'm assuming you'll need a bibliography).


EDIT: Try this site: http://www.aylesburychoral.org.uk/concerts/works/mozart_coronationmass.htm

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