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An accident waiting to happen?


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Meet Britain's most accident prone man (but don't get too close!)



By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 9:47 AM on 12th April 2010





  • Slipped on potato and broke both ankles
  • Stabbed himself in stomach while whittling stick
  • Tripped over cat and fell down stairs
  • Fell out of digger bucket and broke ankles (again)
  • Broke collar bone falling off spooked horse

After decades of mishaps and more than 30 serious injuries, it is no wonder Mick Wilary is not smiling.

The 58-year-old grandfather must be Britain's most accident-prone man after an astonishing string of accidents from slipping on a potato and breaking both ankles to a nasty injury when falling over a cat.

The farm worker is currently recovering after his legs were crushed under a mechanical digger last month.



Unlucky: Mick Wilary must be Britain's most accident-prone man after suffering 30 serious injuries. In his latest mishap both legs were crushed by a digger


It is just the latest in a long line of mishaps.


Over the decades he has fallen out of a raised bucket of a digger, fallen off a horse after it was spooked by a plastic bag and broken bones in his hands at least 10 times with a hammer.

The grandfather-of-two has racked up more than 30 serious injuries, including 15 broken bones.

Mick, from Stanley, Co. Durham, said: 'I suppose I am accident prone. But its important to keep bouncing back when these things happen.




Taken a chunk off the end of his finger while cutting through rope

Tripped over a cat causing him to fall down stairs, splitting his head

Slipped on a potato, breaking both ankles

Stabbed himself in the stomach while whittling a stick

Fallen off a horse that was scared by a plastic bag, breaking his collar bone

Broken at least 10 fingers

Fallen out of a digger, breaking his ankles


Cracked ribs after his tractor and trailer overturned

Suffered numerous deep bruises after being kicked by cattle.



'I guess its lucky I don't drive. I only have a tractor licence.'

In his latest misadventure he was left with horrific injuries after he was pinned against a wall by a mechanical digger when it lurched forward without warning.

It crushed his legs so badly that medics were initially unsure if they could save them.


He had three operations at Newcastle General Hospital and hopes to be back on his feet in six months.


He said: 'I thought I'd lost my legs. The pain was so bad I thought they had come clean off. My leg was up next to my head, I couldn't believe the position it was in.


'There was bone sticking out all the way through.


'When the air ambulance arrived I asked them for a cigarette and everyone laughed. It seems stupid now but that was what I wanted at the time.

'They injected me and the next thing I remember are the rotors of the helicopter.'


His catalogue of catastrophes started when he was a youngster growing up on a farm.

His wife Evelyn said: 'It's a bit of a joke unfortunately. It's an adventurous life living with him.


'I'll never forget when Mick stepped on a potato, slipped, and broke both his ankles.

'He is just one of those people. If his pals want to know if a fence is electric they wait for Mick to touch it to find out.

'But nothing gets him down, he never blames anyone else for his bad luck.'

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Not to sound cruel, but what a moron this guy is, most of his accidents involve falling over. Maybe after breaking so many bones, you should realise that whittling a stick or standing in a digger bucket while it's being raised, just isn't for you.

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