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Rest In Peace Saramago


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No I don't know him, but yes I saw it on the news today... He was not a writer but a journalist, right?


I really liked Saramago, I always felt like I needed to read more books from him and I will... It's so stupid how just some days after he dies the Vatican just comes out with dull critiques to him, but it's not like it should surprise anyone... isn't it what they've been doing for like the last 600 years? always against the great minds the Mankind has produced. :angry:

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Now kids from last year at highschool have to read one of his books.. thank god i did not lol i dont like his literatue :P


Why not? is it for his anti-clericism attitute? Have you read his books: Ensaio sobre a cegueira or As Intermitências da Morte? I think his writting and his reflections on society and life are really beautiful.

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