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Seventy police, dog teams and a helicopter: Facebook party 'descends into riot after arrival of 200


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Seventy police, dog teams and a helicopter: Facebook party 'descends into riot after arrival of 200 gatecrashers'



By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 7:32 AM on 6th July 2010



A teenagers' Facebook party erupted into a violent riot which had to be broken up by 70 police officers, dog teams and a helicopter, a jury heard today.


More than 200 people gatecrashed the garden party and clashed with officers carrying riot shields and batons in a massive street brawl.


About 30 teenagers were involved in the fighting and were throwing beer cans and baring their backsides at police officers, jurors were told.


article-1292191-0A55DD50000005DC-741_468x380.jpg Party disater: Jordan Wright, second from left, at the party that descended into a riot to which police were called


During the clashes police formed a cordon and pushed the youths down the street as they took two hours to disperse the crowd in Farnborough, Hampshire.

The party was held in the garden of two converted flats in a modern, two-storey house, where 17-year-old Jordan Wright and 15-year-old Seva Nurueva both lived.


Jordan, who had 564 'friends' listed on social networking site Facebook, had planned the party a month in advance.


Enlarge article-0-0A54D269000005DC-132_468x286.jpg Flashpoint: Teenage yobs confront police, who can be seen bottom right, during the two-hour long operation to disperse them


Jordan, who lives with his 34-year-old mother in the downstairs maisonette, advertised it on his Facebook page by typing 'come to a party on the 18th' as his status entry.


Seva, who lives in the upstairs maisonette, had 183 'friends' listed on her Facebook page.

One party-goer, student Ashley Pemberton, 18, today appeared in court where he denied causing an affray and using a can of beer as an offensive weapon against a police officer.

article-0-0A54C26A000005DC-174_233x423.jpg Court case: Ashley Pemberton at Winchester Crown Court where he is standing trial accused of causing affray in the aftermath of the party


Jeremy Wright, prosecuting, told the court: 'There is no dispute this was a nasty incident and there were many people involved in what could have been a potentially frightening situation.

'Towards the end of June last year a 17-year-old lad called Jordan Wright and a 15-year-old friend of his called Seva Nurueva decided to have a party for fun.


'They asked Jordan's mother if they could and she said yes.


'They set about inviting their friends on Facebook.


'Unfortunately the young lad had a very large number of friends on Facebook, something in the order of more than 500.'


He continued: 'Things were alright to begin with but more people turned up than were bargained for and a lot of them were not invited.


'There was some fighting and some people were determined to be involved in it.


'Things got really bad at 10pm when a whole lot of people turned up, about 200.


'This is a small house and Jordan's mother, Sherry Wright, did not quite know what to do so she shepherded people into the garden.'

Police were called but struggled to contain the drunken teenagers and called for the help of four police dogs and their handlers.

A helicopter was also summoned which filmed the ongoing brawl.


Mr Wright added: 'One of the things you can see on the video is a young man in a white singlet throwing something at the police at around 11.15pm.


'It is the Crown's case that was the defendant.


article-0-0A54D212000005DC-226_468x286.jpg Problem party: Seva Nurueva, 15, right, and Jordan Wright, 17, who hosted the event, in the garden where it began


He was later arrested sometime after 1am while he was urinating in the garden.'

The defendant was later picked out of an identity parade by two police officers, he added.


Mr Wright said some of the teenagers had bared their buttocks at police, adding: 'In part of the video taken by a nearby neighbour you can see someone giving "a moonie".'

Jurors at Winchester Crown Court were then shown a video shot from Surrey Police's helicopter, which had been drafted in to assist, showing drunken teenagers facing off and dancing in front of the police cordon.


Hampshire Police officers had been first on the scene in Chapel Lane, Farnborough, Hants, at 10pm on July 18 last year.


After the party, Seva's step-father Laurence Aghabi said: 'I never thought this would happen when we allowed them to have a quiet party.

'It all got out of hand. Lads were jumping over the fence from other gardens and we ended up with about 150 in our garden and at least 50 out the front.'

Pemberton, of Fairfax Road, Farnborough, Hampshire, denies causing an affray and having a can of beer as an offensive weapon.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1292191/Facebook-party-descends-riot-arrival-200-gatecrashers.html#ixzz0suBOzK76

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