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Where can I get me one of these?!?!


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Okay, thank you!


Hmm, on 2nd thoughts, does anyone know where I could get a 'similar' jacket to what Chris is wearing, preferably not a D&G one, not sure my budgeting as a student is good enough for that yet haha :(

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D&G? Seriously it looks more like SA (Salvation Army). So something that should cost $10 probably actually cost $1,000. mneh


Really Craig, you should hit up Camden market or something, you could probably find something really close to it and nobody would know the difference. It's not like someone is going to stop you, grab your collar, and flip it over to verify "who" you're wearing.

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I seriously want it. Too bad I don't have $400 to spend :cry:


It's D&G, of course it's going to be expensive! :lol: In essence, you're just paying for the brand.


It's kind of like Ray-Ban Wayfarers. They are almost 120 dollars. I ended up paying 5 dollars for a generic version of them. And truthfully, they look completely the same.

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