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Is my iTouch screwed?

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I got a new iPod touch 2 months ago and it was working fine, until the lock button started being shit.

I'd leave it locked and then out of nowhere, a few minutes later, the screen would display the buttons to turn it off even if I didn't hold the lock button. Now, the lock button won't work, the turn off thing keeps appearing and it only works when I want to turn it on.


Is this a common problem with iPod touch? :/


And no, unlike most people here, I never dropped it or fell into water.

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Wait, so it's common .__. ?

My last iPod was so good <3 it was a 32 GB iPod video, loved it and worked fine for until 3 months ago that it finally died cos it was ridiculous if it lasted longer.

I even remember that the guys at the store told me that iPod touch is having too many issues when I got my other iPod fixed cos the earphones plug was failing.

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