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coldplay on flute

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i'm new, so new i joined about a half hour ago, but i have been investigating this for some time now. is it possible to play coldplay on flute? because i think there is a flute playing in Til Kingdom Come, and i would like to know how to play that, and if it is possible to play Clocks with a flute too. ibelieve anything is possible, so please help me!:thinking:

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Is there? In Til Kingdom Come?

Didn't notice.

Yeah I tried to play Clocks on flute once. Of course it's possible. Everything is possible, just as you said. You can play all the notes on the flute so there shouldn't be any problem with playing some songs. But you have to remember that it will not sound so great ^^

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sure it is possible....if you are good enough you can play it by ear (???????)...I mean by listening to it without sheet music....I am not sure whether there is Coldplay sheet music for flute....as far as I know there isn't...you could try it with a Coldplay Songbook for piano...if there is a music shop anywhere near you live you could have a look at it, because of the range and such....but at least there'd something to look at even if it is just for piano and probably not the best for flute..

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