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Need help with Coldplay CD collection.


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Okay so I've had to start my Coldplay CD collection again, and I bought the first one today, it's the X&Y album.

I want to know what you coldplayers think I should do, should I keep it wrapped or open it?

I don't need the actual CD, because I already have ALL of coldplays music on my computer. And I don't use CD players.



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well I also have all Coldplay songs on my computer and on my iPod and honestly I keep on listening to my very precious CP records collection :nice:

but yeah you said you don't use your record player. I would unwrap it anyway so it can look like at least you cared about opening it :p


Get rid of that damn plastic !!

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Hmm you pose a good point AdrianaRM. I'll wait to see more opinions.


I have a wrapped copy of LRLRL, that I got from the first time I saw them, and it's been wrapped for almost a year now and I havn't had to use it.


I just think it would be cool to own wrapped copies, of all the albums.

But then again, once I have all the albums, and start buying the EP's etc, it would be really hard (not to mention expensive) to get wrapped copies, so maybe I should just open them.


No matter what the LRLRL stays wrapped though :P:D

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I would keep it wrapped. I've got about 160 physical Coldplay releases, some wrapped and some unwrapped. But for the ones that are unwrapped, I bought plastic sleeves so that they wouldn't get any scratches or anything. So if you're planning on collecting, don't opan it. It'll make you less worried and I must say: I'm very proud of the copies that I got to obtain that are still wrapped.

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I opened it at one side like you said, and I listend to it, and it was awesome, but then when I went to put it back in the plastic I realised it would be impossible to put back haha:lol:


So it stays open now, but I'm glad I did open it though.



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