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Hey! Who thinks that Chris Should Dump Gwenyth?

punks united

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gwenth isnt that hot

i mean he's the coldplay leadsinger

i would go after one of the hilton sisters

each is worth 150 million


one of the hilton sisters before gwnyeth paltrow?


well ... can't say that i agree.


first, the hilton sisters appear to have some mental disorder rendering each incapable of articulating a coherent thought. me, i would find this inhibitory in cultivating a relationship.


second, while each hilton sister is certainly "perty," the difference in beauty between gwyneth and either, even if you give the hilton sisters the benefit of the doubt, in no way could outweigh the whole "I scored lower on my SATs than Jessica Simpson" vibe the Hiltons have going on.


third, the hilton sisters are girls. gwyneth is a mature woman.


and fourth, money ain't a thang.

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Thanks Jessica. I forgot the most important reason because it was too subjective. You posted it before: Gwyneth is stunning.


IMO, she's much more beautiful than either of the Hiltons, though I could see a differing point of view.


Gwyneth wakes up an is beautiful. A Hilton wakes up and realized she needs to be beautiful.

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I actually think Gwyn's a good mathch for Chris. She's a really talented actress and is extremely beautiful to me. I really dont see a reson to why they should break up.


rf_ucsd did u go to UC San Diego?? Sorry to get off the subject but that's the college i'm going to attend in the near future (next year). :D

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