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How women spend nearly three years of their lives slaving over a hot stove


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How women spend nearly three years of their lives slaving over a hot stove



By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 12:48 PM on 10th August 2010



It sounds like a study from the Fifties, but new research has found that women really do spend a large amount of their time slaving over a hot stove.

The average woman spends two-and-a-half years of her adult life cooking. The average man, by comparison, spends just 1.4 years in the kitchen.


The survey showed that though the figure had halved in the last 50 years, it's still women rather than men who prepare most of the family meals.


article-0-00FA7782000004B0-976_468x402.jpg Slaving over a hot stove: Women spend nearly three years of their life in the kitchen - but that's less than half the time their Sixties counterparts did


Kitchen appliance manufacturer Breville found that 75 per cent of meals are prepared by women.


More than eight out of ten women spend an hour or more cooking after work, and can spend double the amount of time in the kitchen at weekends.







That adds up to approximately nine hours of cooking every week - and a total of 2.51 years preparing food between the ages of 18 and 65.


article-1301843-03583D0F000005DC-978_233x303.jpg Improvement: Chef Antony Worrall Thompson suspects the number of men cooking is increasing all the time


Modern technology has halved that figure since 1960, when the average British woman spent six years slaving over a hot stove during her lifetime.

Television chef Antony Worrall Thompson said: 'As a professional chef I expect to spend the majority of my life working in the kitchen. But 2.5 years in the kitchen over a woman's lifetime, especially considering that most women are out at work all day is a massive amount of time.


'That said, it's a significant improvement since the Sixties thanks to time-saving kitchen appliances and advances in food technology.


'It's no surprise that the men spend less time cooking, but I suspect that the number of men spending more time in the kitchen is increasing all the time.


'The kitchen is no longer a woman's domain. Men have realised that cooking can be very rewarding and are spending much more time preparing family meals than they ever did.'

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i mean an article about a study about that subject.

it doesn't count the pre-cooked meals right?

i think today more and more young people eat that way, so it is not cook at least it uses a lot less time in the kitchen.


Yes, but potentially causes a lot more health problems too!:dozey:

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Yes, but potentially causes a lot more health problems too!:dozey:

that is if they only eat pre-cooked meals, is not got to only eat canned food, some paranoia cases are the result of a bad diet.

Better than someone poisoning themselves because they can't cook properly derp

true that.


Everytime I read something different, this time I read "I met a woman and nearly three years slaving a hot stove"


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