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Brandy's next single is called 'Coldplay'...


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  • 2 weeks later...

if it is real...i think it will sound pretty stupid having the word coldplay in the song..but i'm willing to be proven wrong.

Also..'rf_ucsd' "i don't think it's obvious. i fact, her main fan base probably doens't listen to coldplay at all" - There's already coldplay fans in this thread that like her music, i don't see why people listening to Brandy wouldn't like Coldplay music. Plus, Eminem's biggest hits are mostly slanderous or at least have a couple of lines putting other people down.

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what the hell? i guess this is cool..in a way..im still confused tho seems like EVERYONE likes coldplay(not a bad thing but not a good thing either)


A lot of people like them. So what? Just shows how damn good they are. :cool: I think it's so awesome that people who make different kinds of music enjoy Coldplay. If nothing else, at least they have good taste.

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