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Confused pensioner takes wrong turn and drives 75 yards down PLATFORM at railway station


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Confused pensioner takes wrong turn and drives 75 yards down PLATFORM at railway station



By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 10:39 AM on 5th October 2010




A confused pensioner drove his car the full length of a train platform after taking a wrong turn, leaving rail passengers to scramble out of the way.

Dozens of stunned passengers waiting for trains fled as the 80-year-old drove along the platform in his Saab, with his wife in the passenger seat.

He travelled 75 yards along the London-bound platform at Esher Station in Surrey, teetering dangerously close to the edge, shortly after 4pm on Saturday afternoon.


article-1317673-0B793D7E000005DC-599_634x464.jpg Confused: Passengers waiting for a train at Esher train station on Saturday were stunned to see a car driving down the platform. An 80-year-old pensioner took a wrong turn and ended up driving 75 yards before he realised his error


Panicking onlookers dialled 999 and three police cars and an ambulance rushed to the scene.

Witnesses said the man looked 'mortified' when he realised his blunder.

But it was several hours before police officers managed to have his blue Saab Vector towed away.

The 8.03pm train from Woking to London Waterloo was unable to stop at the station while the car was being removed.

Housewife Suzan Baker, 47, of Esher, said that she had never seen anything like it.

She said: 'I was absolutely amazed when I saw the car on the platform. It was not what you expect to see.





'Everyone was doing a double take and wondering what on earth the car was doing there.

'When I got to the platform, the car was parked and the man was standing outside.

'He looked so mortified and embarrassed. His wife was in the passenger seat.

'He had driven the entire length of the platform, bless him, then reached the point where he could not go any further forward.

'There were around 40 passengers on the platform, who must have had to leap out of the way of the car.

'He went back into the car and covered his face.

'There were three police cars and an ambulance there and they were all having a good laugh about it. Other people on the platform were either in shock or smiling about it.

'I was just hoping that they weren't going to cancel my train so that I could still get to see Hamlet at the National Theatre.'

A South West Trains spokeswoman described the incident as 'astounding' and said it was fortunate nobody was hit by the car.

She said: 'We were amazed by this. Luckily, no-one was injured and there was not too much disruption to services.


article-0-0B793D84000005DC-189_634x510.jpg Embarrassed: The mortified pensioner passed a breath test when police arrived but was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving


'While the car was being removed, there was a train that could not stop.'

A British Transport Police spokesman said that the man had taken a wrong turn off a nearby road.

He then drove 200 metres down a footpath that leads from Sandown Park Racecourse to the station before mounting the platform.

The spokesman said: 'An elderly man aged 80 got confused as to where he was going and ended up driving along the platform very close to the railway line.

'He then stopped. Officers attended at 4.15pm on Saturday. He was breathalysed and passed the test.

'Officers arranged for the vehicle to be removed.

'The man was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving.'

An ambulance was called to the scene but the couple did not need any treatment.



Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1317673/Confused-pensioner-takes-wrong-turn-drives-75-metres-PLATFORM-Esher-train-station.html#ixzz11U3Mk0wf

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