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Susanne Sundfør

The Final Track

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I finally saw her live this a few of weeks ago and was just blown down. Such a voice!

Her song and album The Brothel's done pretty well in Norway, which high profile music is mostly reserved for the mainstream, Eurovision CDs and, God forbid, folkerock.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgAMh7s-q_k]YouTube - The Brothel[/ame]



She's gonna be big.

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She has a thread. SHE HAS A THREAD. :surprised:


"The Brothel" is an all-around excellent album. I wish I knew a way to find her other two albums.


They're both on iTunes, but not Brothel for some reason :thinking: However, I can't find Mediafire downloads or anything... I will have a proper look some other time :)

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weeeeeee a thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey I don't know why but I can't seem to find the albums on Itunes in Mexico , that's annoying I've only listened to some songs of her in youtube and Myspace hey The Final Track I am interested !!:)


I'm not usually a fan of filesharing but in this case I really want to introduce people to here :uhoh: Plus they're very hard to get a hold of.



You can PM me


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Ok, I'm going to post some updates...


1. "Susanne Sundfør" and "Take One" albums now available in the Multimedia section.


2. The Brothel will be released on Grønland Records next week in Europe, and The Brothel will be released as a single.


3. Her next album will probably be released early 2012.


4. Tour dates:


Date Venue Location Tickets

May 02 Vera Groningen, Netherlands Tickets RSVP

May 03 Paradiso Amsterdam, Netherlands Tickets RSVP

May 04 Hedon Zwolle, Netherlands Tickets RSVP

May 06 Uebel & Gefaehrlich Hamburg, Germany Tickets RSVP

May 07 Frannz Club Berlin, Germany Tickets RSVP

May 08 Stadtgarten Köln, Germany Tickets RSVP

May 10 Brotfabrik Frankfurt Am Main, Germany Tickets RSVP

May 11 Ampere Munich, Germany Tickets RSVP

May 12 Le Nouveau Monde Fribourg, Switzerland Tickets RSVP

May 23 La Cigale Paris, France Tickets RSVP

May 24 Le Grand Mix Tourcoing, France Tickets RSVP

May 25 L'Epicerie Moderne Feyzin, France Tickets RSVP

May 26 Le Cargo de Nuit Aries, France Tickets RSVP

May 27 Espace Julien Marseille, France Tickets RSVP

May 30 XOYO London, United Kingdom Tickets RSVP


All supporting Thomas Dybdahl.

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she has a beautiful voice!


the wiki site is confusing me. it is written that her second album is 'the brothel' but in the list are already three albums.


and another thing is confusing me: the brothel will be released in europe next week? the album is from 2010 according to wikipedia :thinking:


by the way: you can find the brothel if you search on google for: susanne sundfor the brothel mediafire :nice:

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That's a mistake, it's her third, though the two first have the same songs with different arrangement (one's only piano).

She just signed to a new label, so it's gonna be released on Grønland. It was released 2010 on EMI Norway.

Yeah, The Brothel isn't that hard to find, I almost bought a vinyl once but opted for a t-shirt. Great, great album, though. Really hope the release will gain her some exposure.

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