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Jonny Buckland - Guitar FX Setlist (Help)


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sorry, no chance


though i know some of the settings, its hard to recall them.

however, numbers&letters refer to the DD4 presets, if i remember that correctly

and i think CM = C11


but come to think of it, he's got his "pandoras box" as he calls it, it may be any preset on there!

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RAT = ProCo Rat (distortion)

MXR = MXR Micro amp (boost)

DD5 = Boss DD5 Delay

RV3 = Boss RV3 Reverb


and all the 1A, 2A, 3A, 2C, 3C etc. is all the presets on the Line6 DL4 delay, if you google jonny buckland setlist, you are going to find another one with the text: L61A, and that refers to the Line6 DL4. On that other setlist, you can see that the settings for Square One is L61A/L62A and that is the exact same as the list you posted

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