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Ugh... Safety fake out


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Purely for entertainment purposes, figure to let it go a bit. Looking at the guys feedback, seems an honest seller. Give him the benefit of the doubt that he believes it is authentic, but will gently give him some info on the "non-Japanese" release tomorrow. Hopefully he didn't pay $1200 for the thing. /:-0

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EP Safety Raritie de JAPAN?????????????


Hello people!!


I´m a great collector of rarities of Coldplay I have the firts EP Safety autoproduced by Coldplay from 1998 but I see in Ebay the EP "brother" from Japan, I only have see this raritie 2 years ago in Ebay and the winner has payed 2.000 euros!!!

My question is any member of this forum have this EP in your hand? I need more info for this Japanese EP autoproduced and promotional.


thank you in advance for the information!!


Xmas regards!!!!


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