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This has been the oddest week. . .


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Do you not ever have snow days in Norway?


The only time I can remember being let out of school was when there was a huge storm and the electricity went.

In short, no. Even the year there was over 3 feet I think there was school.


Of course, basketball practice today was cancelled on the spot.

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Okay, wtf? Two snow days this week!


Monday was about 2 inches of snow, but it was super wet so the roads were crazy slippery. And it wasn't bad where I am, but my school covers 3 towns and this one wraps around a lake and the roads are really bad. They're really steep and windy, and don't forget there would be 17 year olds and buses driving in the slippery snow.


And then another snow day today. We already have about 8 inches, and it's not even the worst part of the storm yet. :|





Can we trade places? I'd kill for some snow right now. It is disgustingly hot over here.

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