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Sara Bareilles covers Yellow!!


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I agree that the piano is not too great (I wouldn't recommend using the word "awful", it actually hurts the feelings of those who love her cover), but her voice is gorgeous. Has always been. :) The piano arrangement actually goes pretty well with her voice.


As to those who have only listened to her hits: I believe her non-hit songs are better. Love Song is most DEFINITELY not her best song. By far. Or King of Anything for that matter - although it may good. Try Breathe Again, Fairytale, Hold My Heart, Winter Song, Between the Lines, and Come Round Soon.


You're absolutely right with the first and last sentences. Aside from Coldplay, Sara Bareilles is my favorite Solo artist, and you may not like her piano arrangement with the cover, but in her own originals, her compositions are legen----dary. She doesn't stress on the pop except for Love Song, but take a chance on her other material (Careful Confessions EP, Little Voice, and Kaleidoscope Heart). IF you love acoustic material too, I think she does that best (over her other styles)

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