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Guy's old photos: the artwork for LP5?

Long Live Life

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Many of us has speculated that the "Guy's Old Photos" competition is the artwork for Apparatjik - but here are some other suggestions!


- The background for his antiques shop. He no longer wants a rock and roll lifestyle and is opening an antiques shop in the Cotswolds. It will sell Four Candles and be situated in the town of Chipping Norton - both for its track record for hosting antiques shops for retired celebrities, and so he can have a natter with Jeremy Clarkeson about fast cars. Who will be Mrs. Overall? :) (see: Acorn Antiques!)


- More seriously - none of us have considered that the artwork for LP5 will be done by Guy given his love of photography. We all know EMI are looking to cut costs and what better way for Guy to express his creative side for the next album by designing the cover and artwork? Could this be what he is up to? Looking for old, wartime-era photographs may just fit the background of the White Rose movement Chris mentioned.

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- More seriously - none of us have considered that the artwork for LP5 will be done by Guy given his love of photography.
Actually I think that may have been speculated in the original "Guy's old photo project" thread. I could be wrong though, I haven't visited that thread in awhile. Although it was also theorized that their Christmas Lights outfits could have been "designed" by him based on clothing seen in people in the old photos.


yeah but she may be lying, for the sake of not spoiling ;)
Yes, that wouldn't surprise me if the Oracle did that (I'm sorry Oracle if you read this comment, I'm not trying to sound rude, but yeah).


Also, as a "straight from the [dark] horse's mouth" update, during the Newcastle meet & greet I asked him how his old photo project was going, and he said he hasn't really done anything with it yet. But that being said, it could still be for LP5 artwork. Or not.

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i doubt its for the artwork of LP5, i think itd be awesome if it was but i doubt theyd lie about it when people are actually spending money and giving away their photos. i think its like the christmas lights shoot where they specifically didnt say coldplay would be on the boat becuase they knew people were paying money to be on the boat and didnt want to lie about anything in case itd end up pissing anyone off.

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