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"Oil" be back!! "JR" to return in Dallas revival!


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J. R.'s back in Dallas revival


More than 30 years after the world was gripped by the mystery of "who shot J. R.?" – and 20 after he hung up his stetson for good – Larry Hagman is to return to the ranch for a revival of Dallas.



Dallas_1817105c.jpg Linda Gray, Larry Hagman and Mary Crosby at the 30th Anniversary Reunion of the TV show 'Dallas' at South Fork Ranch Photo: REX








By Jon Swaine, New York 4:35PM GMT 02 Feb 2011 2 Comments



Following months of haggling over his salary, Hagman has finally agreed to join his co-stars Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray for a new version of the quintessential 1980s soap opera.


The new show, a pilot episode for which is set to be filmed this year, will centre on the next generation of the Ewing clan – J.R.'s son John Ross and Christopher, the adopted son of Bobby, played by Duffy.


John Ross, who was played by a child actor in the original, will be played by Josh Henderson, who has recently appeared in Desperate Housewives.


The original series, which ran from 1978 to 1991, was an international success and – in the era before mass imports – became one of the first American shows to capture the popular imagination in Britain.


As the oil tycoon J.R. Ewing, Hagman had the show's key role. In the summer of 1980, he was at the centre of one of the most famous cliffhangers in television history, after being shot at the end of series two.


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Speculation over the identity of the shooter, who was not seen by the audience, was rife and more than 80 million people tuned in to the first episode of the following series that November.

The show remains the second-most watched entertainment programme of all time in the US and is among the top 20 in Britain.

The mystery even touched that year's presidential election between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. Badges stating "A Democrat Shot J.R." were handed out at the Republican convention in Detroit.

Like most much-loved shows, however, Dallas began a decline – reaching a low-point in 1986, when Pam Ewing awoke to discover that the last series "was all a dream", including the death of Bobby, her husband.

In an interview last year, Hagman said he still made public appearances as J.R., and described the role as "like an annuity".

"I go out, they adore me, and then they pay you," he said. "What better job can you have?"

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