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2010 WoM Awards Ceremony


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I figured it would be better to post it right here where everyone could see it, as opposed to in the WoM section, where no one really goes at this point.


Anyway, I would like to thank everyone who participated and helped make this happen. :smiley: Now, if everyone is ready, I'd like to get this started.


First, to announce the awards that didn't quite work out. There weren't nearly as many as I thought there were, but there were a few. These include:


♦ Most Underrated Album

♦ Best Cover (band/artist)

♦ Best New Artist Introduced to Forum


That's about it. I was able to sort through everything else. So, if you guys are ready, I'll go ahead and get this show on the road. I told you I'd do this today, so I am.

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Lol, I think it's the same as Pitchfork's. May I ask who came in second, if you still have the data lying around?


The other choice in the runoffs was "Zebra" by Beach House. :nice:


OK. Next category.


Music Video of the Year


It was this one right here.





Yep. It's "The Suburbs" by Arcade Fire!

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lolzapparatjik. Then again I didn't listen to like any EPs this year.


I feel like I shouldn't comment on every single award, I'll shut my trap now. ;D


Surprised Apparatjik won, although I'm fine with it- it's the only EP I listened to this year. :lol:


Yeah, Apparatjik kinda won by default, so... :tongue:


Sara, feel free to comment as much as you please. I honestly don't care.




Christina, it was the only other option in the runoffs. Of course it was second. :tongue:


OK, I'm grouping the next three together. Why? They all have the same winner, and it's pointless to make three separate posts on it.


Most Overrated Album + Album Art of the Year + Album of the Year (Canada)


If you don't have it figured out by now, here's the memo. The winner for all three of these is...




"The Suburbs" by Arcade Fire!

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