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for anyone who ever plans on doing an MBA


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A good point here...


One of the main CEO's of microsoft was giving a talk to Harvard Business school MBA students.


One question asked was 'What advice would he give them'


The answer was to drop the course they were on and get into the real world. Not one of the Presidents of the top 100 companies had an MBA. Plenty vice-presidents do, but not the top bods.


A lesson there somewhere! :)

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it's a Masters in Business Administration and my god it's hard


I am having SERIOUS problems with my Financial Management coursework. I have to undertake a project appraisal, forecast p&l & bal shts, discuss capital allowances, sources of finance and dividends and write up a recommendation on all items. How they expect anyone to cope with this given that I have had 1.5hrs of skimming over P&L and Bal shts is BEYOND ME!!! I am desperately trying to hash something together in the hope that it may scrape a pass. If it doen't then f*ck it, they will have one less student come May. I am working full time and trying to do this course. I have had 30 minutes free time a day for the past two weeks. When I'm not working in work I am working on the MBA. I must be insane, what I was thinking I am not sure. Am I a better person for going through this? probably yes. Have I lost 6 months of my life expectancy for every 6 months of this course due to incredible stress and unhealthy lifestyle due to lack of time to do ANYTHING ELSE? definitely maybe...


like i said i may well be seeing you all much more sooner than i thought as i'm not sure i can take more than another 6 months of this, let alone 2 years


well i better get back to work :/



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ummmm...I'm considering an MBA..but that'll have to be after I get done with my masters in my technical field (engineering). I've worked with engineers who got their MBAs thinking they'll get to be ahead of the line in terms of promotions and such...well, it turns out that too many damned people are getting themselves MBAs for the degree to matter much...unless, of course, you got it from one of the 'prestigious institutions' such as HBS, Stanford, Rice, Kellogg, or internationally....Fontainbleau, Indian school of biz (the newest hottie on the block), Oxford, etc...


Personally, I'm dreading my technical masters...it's a tough cookie to crack! lmao and I too work full time...


where are you doing your MBA from, if I may ask?


I got a wonderful e-mail forward just yesterday that is just right to help you get moving again! :) Check it out....



Is Life Like a Marathon or A Sprint

So what do you think that life is more like, a marathon or a sprint? Dieting - a lot of people diet in sprints for two, three, or four days and they quit. Don't quit the marathon! Maintain the course! A lot of people go to college like a sprint-they stay for one, two or three years. At a four year college, only 38% of people who start college finish in four years. Somewhere in the marathon you hit the wall and you have no reserves and feel like it's over. It is more psychological than physiological and you keep on keeping on! Zoe Koplowitz who has cerebral palsy-- she completed the marathon--29 Hours and 45 minutes. She does it every year and she wrote a book called Lessons In Last Place. She is one of the world's most famous marathon runners and she always ends up in last place. Sort of like if you graduate last in your class from Harvard Medical School-you know what they call you, a doctor. If you finish last in your class at law school-you know what they call you, a lawyer. So the whole thing is to finish, see the big picture and not the small one. Don't burn all of your reserves in the sprint because its a marathon and all you have to do is keep on keeping on. It's not how quick you finish, it is if you finish! This is true of the marathon and everything else in life! Are you going to finish?

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im feeling a bit better now but am just about to spend 3 hours on the figures :confused:


wish me luck


this mornings post was a bit of a flame because i was having a shit time at work as well. oh well lifes not all roses and sometimes you forget to smell the flowers



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take it in stride...if it takes you longer than 2 years it's okay if you do want to finish it....


it's hard to be in school when you're working....I understand that one :/


that's all the advice I can give you....oh and my bro got an MBA and it helped him

i think :idea2:

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