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Youtube World View What Would You Ask?

Guest howyousawtheworld

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Guest howyousawtheworld

Interesting new feature added to Youtube where world leaders answer questions from us Youtube users around the world. Following on from last months interview with Barack Obama this month it's British Prime Minister David Cameron who will be answering our questions. Should be pretty interesting.


What questions would you ask world leaders if you had the chance to? And which world leader would you love to interview - dead or alive, past or present!


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I'd love to send in a few loaded questions for Two Jags and really rile him up like the moneysupermarket advert. Unfortunately he's not a world leader but he was attached to one, does that count?


I'd start with what is his favourite breakfast, eggs?


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kv0faqABGjY]YouTube - John Prescott - The Very Best Of. *Funny Mashup*[/ame]

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ugh i better not voice there my opinion, as firstly i doubt politicians will answer me, and then if they do i may disappear after the event :|

also if is only for current politicians... i'd be interested in asking some old ones, cause some the crap we have now was started by them, the current just followed the path.


are those vids going to be announced by youtube and so? might be interesting to watch some though.

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quote youtube

this channel is total propaganda, its to give the illusion of a democracy and transparency. don't fall for it!



aww so true...


the politicians who made who make the laws in their country or not ?


Me either, will answer me the politicians but just one question global and stupide for poor people as me .


I ask why the rich are getting richer and the poor getting poorer?

and no have more tax the rich and the poor pay and the rich who have favors tax.

and all exemple of this kind .


and more politicians are not so rich compared to the bosses of multinationals, they help their people multimationals to be more rich destroy the planet eco-sphere and destabilizing the global economy.

because is the people who work made economy



all fascists?

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