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I give up, I´m having trouble with iTunes and I can´t find the solution ;__;


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Simple, when I plug in my iPod nano 6g to my computer, it tells me;

iPod has been detected but not identified properly, please disconnect and reconnect the iPod, then try again.


So, I can´t put music ._.

I tried what it said above, disconnected everything except for the iPod, reinstalled.


halp me cping you´re my only hope.

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Yes, can you do a restore your iPod? Then check to be sure you have the current firmware.

In the past, this has worked for me. Also, sound weird, but try a other USB ports (flopping ports has been suggested on several sites.). Good luck!

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Resetting = pressing the up and menu buttons down until the iPod restarts

Restoring = hard drive reformat


Anyway... you has not told us much.

What operating system are you using, and what version of iTunes for a start?




Microsoft Windows.


iTunes 9.


I can´t do anything to my iPod on the computer, because no information is on iTunes, durhurp.

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