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Is there any relationship between coldplay and radiohead?


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Martin's primary influence is the British rock band Radiohead. In a 2008 Rolling Stone interview Martin stated: "Sometimes I feel like they [Radiohead] cleared a path with a machete, and we came afterward and put up a strip mall. I would still give my left [testicle] to write anything as good as OK Computer."

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^ Well, I think some of the early work of both bands are comparable. After that, it seems they went in different directions in how they sound, and their approach to making music. I'm not sure more "optimistic" is the best word when comparing Coldplay versus Radiohead, but I understand what you are referring to.

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When i hear radiohead, i feel down, i feel odd, even their melodys are cool. At least some songs


However, coldplay make me feel good and warm....


I don't know if same thing happens with you

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There's definitely a comparison, as someone mentioned above.


Listen to Exit Music From A Film, then to Bigger Stronger. There's something in that, at least, and probably more if you sat down and compared their early works.

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Not all Radiohead fans are :P



well, all radiohead fans that is not a fan of coldplay, hates coldplay and gonna start saying sh**, but then again, true, dunno why people hate coldplay, ever heard a song more beautiful than swallowed in the sea ? personally, not.

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In an interview (with Live, I think), Chris Martin said about Radiohead:

"They've always been very sweet to us. We know two friendly but only by text."

These two bands are too mannered to throw slanging matches at eachother, and I don't think

they hate eachother. However Chris did once say before:

"Thom Yorke ignored me at a hotel and I was secretly a bit gutted. With Radiohead, I feel

as if we're in a high school and Radiohead are in the year above us and they haven't invited us to their table yet."


So....I'm not sure. I think people get "The relationship of Coldplay and Radiohead" and

"The relationship of Thom Yorke and Chris Martin." mixed up.

I think I did just now!

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