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  1. Also, Lovers in Japan's acoustic version is so darn beautiful so that would definitely be a treat! :awesome:
  2. I love that they're doing song requests this time around. It's such a fun way to reach out to fans but also get some old favorites out for everybody. I know they've already taken this request at other shows but I'm REALLY hoping for See You Soon at one of the shows I'm going to. The song is super special and meaningful for me and my friends who I met from Coldplaying ~all those years ago~ who are all gonna be reuniting at the Philly show together and I'd basically be a mess of tears and emotions.
  3. I can't even describe how happy I am about this show announcement. The closest they've come to actual Buffalo was Darien Lake back in 2009. ;___; Totally unexpected but so wonderful.
  4. I would absolutely love to hear See You Soon or Amsterdam <3 Both are such special songs to me (especially See You Soon) from the friends I've made via Coldplay on this website
  5. I honestly feel, from what I have read in the past of people criticizing Princess of China, that people just hate on that song in way where they go "UGH RIHANNA EW" and it seems low-key sexist to me honestly. Or at least it seems pretentious as hell. She's a fantastic vocalist. That song isn't my favorite Coldplay song but there's just a HIGH level of negativity about it over others that seems iff-y to me. Also, it seems really basic when people strongly hate on the Coldplay songs that sound like pop. People are always condescending pop music so much. It's like they hate fun. My least favo
  6. Buffalo, NY or Darien Lake, NY because there are a lot of people in western New York that love coldplay!
  7. Night Changes - One Direction (completely un-ironically, it's awesome) :cool4: [video=youtube;syFZfO_wfMQ]
  8. Their setlists have been so good lately. Their shows and music are so heartbreaking in the best possible way. They played Terrible Love with St. Vincent at the show I went to in Cologne :3 It was fucking fantastic. I'm glad I got to see a show with both bands that I really love performing. Plus I get to see the National again at Riot Fest in Toronto in a couple months. <3 And Mistaken for Strangers was a very good movie too. The screening with a Q&A was extra special and I'm glad I got to finally see it. Stefan and I met Tom and Matt Berninger afterwards too!
  9. The show is super good. It's really hyped up lately but I think it deserves the attention and praise. The cast is A+++++
  10. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm seeing them in two days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I don't think we'll suddenly stop giving a shit or anything D: Yeah I'm studying here for one semester (from January-June). I just finished school stuff so this last month is just traveling a bit. I am not sure if I'll actually see Nathan now when I'm in London, he said he wasn't sure if he'd be around to hang out. :(

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