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The Lounge random Coldplay ?


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Lory, what is there to discuss?

If you think the thread is in the wrong place you can use the report button report.gif and ask us to move it or tell us whatever is your concern.


There's no need to start a new thread about it or did I not get what you wanted to say?? :uhoh:

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an person English who tries to speak french is always great to hear


Une personne parlant anglais français? Vraiment? Comment est-ce Lory? Avez-vous aimé? Est-ce mieux? :blush:


Si ce Français est terrible, ne me blâmez pas. J'utilise Google Translate pour ce faire. :uhoh:

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I'd say her English has improved.

Lory, were you asking why people couldn't talk about Coldplay in the Lounge?


thanks for you translation, in your quote is that's what I said ;)



I think she's asking why Coldplay aren't mentioned but other bands are. That would be because Coldplay has the entirety of the rest of the board to be discussed.
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