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Would you say that you are influenced by TV shows?


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Hi everyone :)

I'm writing this paper for university about TV shows (by that I mean recurrent fictional TV programs, comedy or drama - for example Lost, Dexter, Six Feet Under, Friends, Desperate Housewives, Big Bang Theory...) and I'm doing a kind of a survey. If you have 2 minutes, could you please answer those questions? That would be really appreciated! :)

You can answer me on this thread, or via PMs, or via email, or wherever you like... Thank you!!!




Gender :


Do you watch TV shows? If yes, how often (how many episodes per day/week/month/year/decade/century)?


Do you watch shows "simultaneously"? (=Do you watch TV shows one after another, all seasons of one show at once, or not?) If yes, how many usually?


Do you watch them on TV, DVD, or on your computer?


How did you start watching TV shows?


Why do you watch TV shows?


Do you feel like some TV shows had an influence on you ? If yes, how do they affect you ? The way you live ? The way you speak? The way you eat ? The way you go out?


Is there a TV show you particulary like/love? Why?


Thanks again!

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