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Any way to buy an MP3?

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I'm looking for an MP3 version of ETIAW - does anyone know of any non-iTunes stores that are selling it yet? I'll wait a couple of days if I have to, but it would be nice to have now!

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What are you running? Linux?


...and proud of it. :D


Thanks for the links, but I can't get Amazon or 7digital US here in Australia. :/ Last time I tried, I could download from 7digital UK but obviously it hasn't been released there yet... actually, that's probably what I'll try this time tomorrow when it's released in Britain.


...wait, EMI runs their own Australian MP3 store, The In Song - that seems to work :D

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I downloaded mine on Amazon for $.69, but I was NOT impressed with the quality. 290kps and it sounded faraway despite turning up the volume. Youtube video on Coldplay's official site is much better.


*sigh* I wish I could get my $.69 back.

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