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Hey guys!


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Hey everyone!


Please, let me introduce myself.

I'm Robin, I'm living in The Netherlands, I'm 19 years old. That are the boring facts;)

My first show of Coldplay was this year at Pinkpop. I was a fan of them, but since then I'm a HUGE fan! I came here by google. At Pinkpop they brought merchandising, in The Netherlands it's impossible for banks etcetera to create a good system for money machines, so it was too busy. I waited for a few hours to get my money and then, you'll guess, the shirts were gone... In my search for these shirts I found this website, but I still haven't found what I'm looking for! So, if someone knows where I can get a shirt like that (the black one with the concertlist at the back), please let me know!

I've stolen the link of r25d01 to show you the shirts... Sorry ;) Teardropshirts.jpg

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coldplay was great at pinkpop, no wonder you like them more :wink:


the T's aren't on the official merchandise store, and I think these will be just for the festivals.. (maybe you can find a coldplayer who wants to buy one for you on one of the next festivals?)

But there are some great other shirts on that site, you should check those out, they're way better than these ETIAW shirts, imo

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