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My grandparents are staying over


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And my Grandma just incinerated a bagel in the microwave.




She pressed the wrong button and it was in there for like 10 minutes, and the whole kitchen was full of smoke and everything. :lol:


So. . .have you ever incinerated a bagel in a microwave? I can't say I have. :lol:


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I haven't personally, but someone in our office has done something like that (not sure who though). I kept this e-mail from the president of our company from a couple of years ago, because it cracked me up; you have to know his serious demeanor to understand why the tone of the e-mail is funny. :tongue:


I don’t know whose it is, but there is a lovely blackened something or the other in the toaster in the kitchen near my office. I cut the power. If you want your object, please feel free to get it.

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Howwwww Dx


and lol today my mum managed to delete an important email from her inbox and deleted items tray without realizing what she was doing :blank:

She said she'd assumed that I could get it back for her :wtf:


ahhhh people

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my sister: she toasted one for too long....a flame, like that of a candle came out of the center just staying there all majestic and what not. only problem? the flame was green :confused:

That happened to my friend in cooking class when she thought she'd heat some sweet and sour sauce in a foil packet in the microwave we thought it was gonna explode :awesome:

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haha, well this isn't related to a microwave but it is related to cooking. A few years ago i was just about to start frying some hot chips and well.....i sort of left the oil heating on the stove for a bit too long and when i put the frozen chips in, there was massive/tall fireball that literally reached the top of the ceiling. and well, it left sort of a black mark on the ceiling :P

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