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Which songs would you use for your perfect Coldplay-LP?


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If Coldplay would make a new album with 13 (yes only 13 :D) of their already released songs...


Which one's would you choose for this heavenly piece of music?

I know, it's hard to decide...

Here is my list my favorite Coldplay-songs:


1. Politik

2. Don't Panic

3. Clocks

4. Violet Hill

5. Speed Of Sound

6. Viva La Vida

7. Shiver

8. Life In Techicolor 2

9. Yellow

10. 42

11. Trouble

12. The Scientist

13. Fix You



Now, it's your turn ;)

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Oh, you really had to do this to me, didn't you? :P


1. Politik (Live 2003 but with the added piano on the end which segues into...)

2. Viva la Vida

3. Don't Panic

4. Gravity

5. Death And All His Friends (including The Escapist)

6. Clocks (with Twisted Logic tour-style ending)

7. Major Minus

8. Violet Hill

9. Cemeteries Of London

10. Brothers And Sisters (Alternate Version)

11. Strawberry Swing

12. A Rush Of Blood To The Head (studio version, but with Jonny's Live 2003 solo incorporated)

13. Amsterdam

(Hidden Track: Life Is For Living [studio version, but with live version-style ending])

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1. Don't Panic

2. Shiver

3. Politik

4. In My Place

5. Clocks

6. A Rush of Blood to the Head

7. Square One

8. White Shadows

9. Low

10. Violet Hill

11. Lovers in Japan (acoustic)

12. No More Keeping My Feet on the Ground

13. Crests of Waves




That took me forever! :P I had to leave out some of my favorites (Yellow, Amsterdam, X&Y, and The Goldrush) but I picked the ones I listen to most.

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Life in technicolor ii



Christmas lights



Charlie Brown

Major Minus (live version, but recorded in a studio)


Swallowed in the sea

Violet hill

Prospekt's march

Death and all of his friends/ The escapist

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1) Lost!

2) In My Place

3) Yellow

4) Lovers In Japan/Reign of Love

5) The Scientist

6) Politik

7) Swallowed in the Sea

8) Viva la Vida

9) Strawberry Swing

10) Rush of Blood to the Head

11) Fix You

12) See you Soon

13) Every teardrop is a Waterfall

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1) Square One

2) In My Place

3) Viva La Vida

4) X&Y

5) I Ran Away

6) Don't Panic

7) A Rush of Blood to the Head

8) A Message

9) Chinese Sleep Chant

10) Clocks

11) Things I Don't Understand

12) Fix You

13) Trouble


Took a while to construct it, Love it!! :D Gonna enjoy listening to it now ;) Edit - Trouble just made the cut at the end :P

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1.- Brothers and sisters

2.- A Message

3.- Major Minus

4.- Don quixote

5.- The Scientist

6.- Shiver

7.- Trouble

8.- Sparks

9.- A rush of blood to the head

10.- Lost!

11.- Moving to Mars

12.- Twisted Logic (Hidden track: Chinese sleep chant)


and for japanese edtition there are 3 songs more


13.- Now my feet won´t touch the ground

14.- Lovers in Japan

15.- X&Y



LOL :laugh3:

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1. Life in Technicolor ii

2. What If

3. Strawberry Swing

4. Dont Panic

5. Warning Sign

6. A Message

7. Lovers In Japan

8. Amsterdam

9. Yellow

10. Swallowed In The Sea

11. The Scientist

12. The Hardest Part

13. Death And All His Friends


(I Ran Away/Animals/In My Place/Don Quixote/Shiver :cry:)

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