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insecurities in governments


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Quran by God will not kill . then it is matter of policy, and not more religious belief .



but now I wanted to talk about the leaders who brought the insecurity of their nations.


how many states will still get involved in the countries that reneged on life and love for the power of money and political affairs that attacks the security of their nation and others nations?


Refugees have a place in the others countries because they practice human rights fundamental .


example in my country there was this :



Switzerland is a small country and all the states did not support the Swiss in this time in 2010

because when the world of politics will stop to destroy humanity because it's more important money matters with countries that practice the no-respect of mankind and of fundamental human rights and attack power of God himself .

will knows the boomerang of God when God gives lessons ?



and now this because of government.



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yes is a serious thread, because I find that countries have mo more safety.


governments teach people to become extremists ?


Some presidents, shame.


France and Italy heads of state I wonder if they are really professional to lead a country.

and there too much extremism. they are not citizens, but to the pockets of gouverments.

not much of Mussolinis or the French Revolution . Bastards......


when policy priorities are money, then moved insecurity.

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^ No, the Swiss public could vote on the minarets ban.


Don't know what else to say really, I was very shocked when I found out that they actually decided to ban minarets.

i'm still confused about what the thread mean to talk about.


so is for what you said or what timewarp said?

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She s saying the the corrupt government is destroying Switzerland. Ironic, Viva la Vida is playing hahahah




templar is :




anyway in all its tragedies not understand . date would normally celebrate St Maria Magdalena but not



the gouverments when they promote far-right party and say the right of expression. xenophobia is not a right of expression ........




example for the Swiss is UDC xenophob

ex have a pub :





a fan apparatjik said this for sad tragedy in Norway....... :(



"When we pray, GOD hears more than we say, HE answers more than we ask, HE gives more than we imagine but...in HIS own time, in His own way! So keep faith" !!




I pray God.. long time against the destruction of the world. by the greed of those who govern and the machinations of power and produce nasty people at their convenience to destroy all because all people are fanatic for made war and have power and we little people we are victims of gouverments............ :veryangry2:

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