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A warm hello from Brazil


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Denise' date=' don't pay attention to him! Just relax and enjoy the board! Welcome by the way! :lol:[/quote']


I don´t know, I must have some kind of "black cloud" when I sign in to messageboards.


There's always someone picking on me when I post the first message. Is it so wrong to be a nice person?


The good thing is there's always great people to talk to :) Thanks to all who were very friendly at the beggining. :)



hahahaha! Just relax and enjoy the board... There's nothing with being nice! :rolleyes: :lol: :)

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Hi denise!! I'm also new on the board, I'm from argentina so I guess we're neighbors.... Well, have a great time.

mycdplayerisbroke.... could you please stop being so agressive to people!! you're really annoying

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