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Chris's guitar

Cheese Nip 2

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center piece? you mean the sound hole cover? they applied it to all of their guitars to deal with feedback problems throughout every tour.


it doesn't look like a blues king, does it? maybe martin guitars but i haven't seen the frets yet (they may also be painted so you cannot recognize it via the neck)...


edit: looks nothing like a bluesking, bluesking is viva tour, this tour not.... i admit he used one for COL and jonny maybe on scientist, but nah, the other ones are rather martins because of the head stock... still searching on...

btw, bluesking has an 00 shape, chris' guitar is a dreadnought

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definitely martin, look at the head stock, it's all straight.


he has one guild guitar as we know so far and that is a farily big one, similar to the big gibson acoustic he used for GPASUYF live at glasto 05 or Till Kingdom Come/ Ring Of Fire @ live in toronto 06 ("How we see the world part II it was titeled i think )

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