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Good Day Everyone


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Hello fellow fans.


My name is Paul. I'm an 18 year-old Coldplay fan who wasn't really into Coldplay actually until Viva La Vida came out. That's when I realized just how awesome their music was, so I started going back to the early days as well. Viva La Vida Or Death and All His Friends was an incredibly important album in my life. Didn't matter what it was, if I was bothered by something, I could get lost in the deep meanings of their songs. It's looking as though Mylo Xyloto (hooray we get a name and release date!) will be no different.


On a side note, I love to play piano, and have learned several Coldplay songs, but as always I'm still learning, so I may ask for a few chords from time to time. :P


See ya around. :)

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Welcome, Paul!!


I fell in love with Coldplay for the first time when I heard Violet Hill and then Viva la Vida.

That album has got a really deep meaning, the best of Coldplay until now!


Let's see MX, and how interesting it will be.

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