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  1. why would this be a scam?? i just like to make new friends!! thats simply all yeah i know the beaches are really expensive
  2. yeah i kno i watch out for those!! r u one?? yes i am in fact wow thast cool!!
  3. yeah its so awesome !! well thanks for welcoming me me i feel very welcome all the people on her are so nice!! where r u from?
  4. i LOVE lord of the rings back to the future is ok but i don't really care for time changing movies there seems to be too many of them!!
  5. well im not exactly obsessed with it but i love "soul sister" by Train and Waka Waka by Shakira Tribute
  6. yeah i like johnny depp but in pirates of the caribbean i like how he acts as jack sparrow if u get what i mean! inception is great to , so sorry i didn't kno there was a thread just like this
  7. Welcome i also LOVE your name so cool!!
  8. just thought i'd do this cause its kind of fun to see what everyone likes!! i personally like way to many to count;) but a few favs are Pirates of the Caribbean, who doesn't LOVE jack sparrow!!! and Thor and i also like Troy i guess i like action,adventure & romance a little bit of everything:)
  9. nope tnp is wondering who the heck is she
  10. Thanks guys you are all so sweet!! i love it;)
  11. chris is just the absolute best he ROCKS
  12. Welcome paul yeah me to i wasn't really into coldplay either till i heard Viva La Vida such an Awesome song im new too!!!
  13. that i need to get off the comp and do something
  14. it doesn't bother me but my friend she faints when she sees blood iam actually a medic and so im pretty used to it
  15. i need sheet music for viva la vida on the violin
  16. hey guys does anyone know where i could get some good sheet music thats actually sounds original for the violin please help??!!
  17. i need to kno where to find sheet music for viva la vida on the violin does anyone kno where i could get some??
  18. it being a beautiful day and me in a good mood is a rare thing no i am joking i love to be happy and one thing that makes me happy is just seeing a person smile its so beautiful:D
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