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Stupid stupid argh!


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they just sacked someone yesterday who had been stealing for weeks..

sounds violent... :evil: :D

You should do something, like scare everyone you work with. Tell them that you will turn off the lights and whoever stole it should set it on a table. If the purse is not there when the lights come back on tell then you will now kill them all! They'll be scared and give it right back. - ok another problem solved with senseless violence thanks to Rain.

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My purse was stolen at work today.

My cash card and £25 was in there.

I cancelled my card.

I work with some sick bastards.



aw that sucks. my sister once left her purse at the park for only 10 minutes and she realized she didn't have it she went back. her wallet was there but $20 was missing plus another $20 in movie passes. they took anything of value to them because the children passes that were in there were still left so they were older. and there was a group of teenagers hanging out there.


some people can be bastards! :angry:

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that happened my friend 2 weeks ago and they took her phone too :rolleyes: but it wasn't anyone she worked with. someone ran into their canteen and jumped out the fire escape! :( and they can't make out who it is though on the camera's coz it was pretty dark!


but thats crappy Sammie!! :angry: :embarrased:

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