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Mylo Xyloto Pre-Order


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Mylo Xyloto pre-order!




Do anyone of you know if we are guarenteed to receive the album on October 24th if we pre-order it now from coldplay.com? I would really like to have it, the day it comes out, but don't know if it depends on where we live.. It's sad to receive it a week after release.. :\



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Hi guys,


I am going to pre-order the physical CD version of MX off the store which the Coldplay website links you to, and I was just wondering whether to go for standard delivery or the courier option. I just want to make sure MX arrives at my door on October 24th! I don't know whether a preorder guarantees delivery on the day, so I don't know whether to go for the courier option. I know that some people have problems with preorders of video games etc.


I am located in the UK by the way. So I will be ordering off the UK store.

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