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Hello There.![:


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nice to meet you Sidney :) that´s sooo great !!! where are you come from in USA? and Ola Ellen tudo bem? :D


Olá! Tudo bem!! e você? Do you speak portuguese? :D I am trying to get back on posting I guess

Thanks Guys! Im sure i will[: and im from Pennsylvania :D


Is it the first day or have you been here for a time and you have now decided to post? Just a curiosity... :uhoh:

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tudo bem Ellen muito obrigado :D eu falo um pouco português muito pouco hehe just a little sorry ...

perfeito hehe Eu gosto de Brasil, espero ir breve ;) I was in Argentina during 6 months I miss South America I want to discover more !!!!


OOOH that´s soo wonderfull Sidney :) in which city are you from sorry I´m very curious but I like to travel in my mind :) I dream to go in USA when I used to be a kid I dream a lot about USA I hope to go there toooo :)


and you completely right to be here !!!!! hehe you´ll see lot of things here :)

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@Ellen : ooh muito obrigado Ellen :) but I have a very limited portuguese I´m learning it ;) oh and yeah I only was in Argentina because I studied spanish and teached french ;)


@Sidney: are you self-educated? because me I am I learn it by myself and listenning and looking Chris :) and my sister then helped me because she learned it ;)

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