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The most famous landlord in London


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Singer Chris Martin is S Club 8's Docklands landlord


Allison Martin (No Relation)



COLDPLAY front man Chris Martin is renting his £850,000 luxury Docklands house to S Club 8.


In August The Wharf revealed that the band formerly known as S Club Juniors - all aged 11 to 14 - had moved to Limehouse in July.


We can now reveal it is rocker Martin who collects the rent, thought to be around £800 a week, on the luxury four-bedroom house at Basin Approach, overlooking the Limehouse Marina.


"He must be the most high profile landlord in Docklands, though sadly his music cred hasn't rubbed off on them," quipped one unnamed Docklands estate agent.


Martin, fiance of Hollywood starlet Gwyneth Paltrow, is understood to have bought the 2,100 sq ft three-storey property as new in 2001.


But he soon moved on after Coldplay hit the big time with two top-selling albums, Parachutes and A Rush Of Blood To The Head, and a string of top 10 hits.


The 26-year-old currently lives with Oscar-winner Paltrow at her Chelsea home, but they are reportedly looking to move.


The pair are believed to have their hearts set on Supernova Heights - a £3.5million mansion in Belsize Park that was once home to Oasis' Noel Gallagher.




:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


Remember in August when Chris gave an interview to Virgin radio and he said he had adopted S Club Juniors??? Maybe he was telling the truth :stunned:

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Guest LiquidSky
Yeah I heard him say that but I didn't think that he would actually do it.



yeah... when Chris says something...most of the time you think he is joking, 'cause he is joking most of the time... :lol:




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