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When i shouldn't. It is pretty much everything I hate about modern music. needless collaborations, over synthesized beats etc. But I do like the song for some reason. Perhaps its solely Chris Martin (Rihanna doesn't sound too bad though). I think this may have been the same problem long time Coldplay fans had with VLV. 'Viva la Vida...' was the first Coldplay album I bought and only later did I discover their earlier albums. Going into VLV then, I viewed the band as a white blank page. I had no idea what this band would sound like, and I liked it. Having listened to ROBTTH over and over in the build up to MX, I felt confused at first listen. But as soon as I forgot about the 'old' Coldplay and just listened to the album, I began to really love it. Clicking 'Yes' in the 'do you like PoC' even made me feel a little dead inside, and I'm not sure why. Perhaps because it means I'm not a 'Real' Coldplay fan. I don't know, all I know is that I do like this song, and the album. Its VLV for me all over again, and I'm sure ill be listening to this album for just as long.

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