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Princess of China needs to be promoted in US radio now!!!!


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It's already announced as the next single and I guarantee you they will play it with Rihanna at the grammy's


oh that wud be nice!!! :D but did Coldplay officialy confirm the Billboard report that POC is gonna be their next single? i havent heard it being reported as a single by the band themselves or EMI :(

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It's obvious this should be single. One of the biggest female pop singers on the same song as one of the biggest band around? It screams single.


Just don't think it would happen anytime soon though with Paradise and MX just being released.

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Well, as much as I'd like CB to be the next single, this might be. It's currently #4 (way ahead of Paradise) on iTunes top 10 and #1 in Alternative top 10. Add to that the fact when Coldplay.com said the album was available on iTunes with 90 second previews, they went out of their way to say this included Princess of China with Rihanna...

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