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Starbucks track?


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From Coldplay's twitter:


Mylo Xyloto is available to buy in all @Starbucks in the U.S., plus you can get a free track via the Starbucks Digital Network instore. A


Is this a new track, or is it just a track from the album? Does anybody know?

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So I don't know if anyone's interested, but I'm in Starbucks now and the track is indeed up at starbucks.yahoo.com (You can only access it when connected to a Starbucks wifi network.


The track is Hurts Like Heaven. It's actually a different edit of it though. The beginning is like half of MX but without the ambience. You should check it out if you can!


Track time: 4:20

Album version: 4:02


The track is downloaded to iTunes in the album "Hurts Like Heaven - Single"

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