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  1. Everybody needs a touch of nihilism, it's what keeps you from going insane!
  2. Such a tune. Brings back the memories. Almost makes a millennial feel old! :D
  3. Either that or some kind of dedication. I'm thinking the new stripped down version of Everglow. Talk about timing.
  4. Always fascinating to get an insight into the tour production / logistical process. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Just listened to the pre-show interview. The "other" Global Citizen show Chris mentioned has to be the recently rumoured India date, surely?
  6. There's a possibility that they may play some South East Asian shows in November (around the time they tour Australia). It's more likely that they'll do a full tour in Spring next year, though, from what I've gathered.
  7. 100% this. It makes absolutely no sense to me. Just think, they could have played the kinds of things they do in soundcheck. What a treat that would have been.
  8. Does Chris' dedication to the Bidens mean he's Illuminati? "Your guess is as good as mine". :beatnik:
  9. On a slightly unrelated note, doesn't anyone think it strange how we still haven't had any audio recordings surface from this leg of the tour?
  10. Funny how it was "oh the first arena show of the tour" yet the setlist was exactly the same..
  11. Yes, of course they will. I'm personally hoping for an Arena run (Glasgow, Belfast, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Nottingham, London etc) but I think it's more likely they'll do a couple of shows in Manchester / London if anything.
  12. A literal gold mine. Yellow was the first track I ever tried to play on the drums. Thanks so much for sharing this!
  13. Glad to see LLH get a look in. More of these kinds of collaborations please.
  14. Was this meant to be humourous? I can't tell if you're referring to refugees seeking safety in Europe or something else entirely.
  15. Would anyone be so kind as to translate this interview with Will and Guy? http://www.berliner-zeitung.de/kultur/musik/coldplay--es-ist-keine-gute-zeit--um-englaender-zu-sein--24319698
  16. I sure as hell hope Chris whips out the EU flag during ETIAW. Time to go all out.
  17. The entire set is quite strong (as far as fanfare-based entertainment goes), but to me nothing quite beats AHFOD as the opener. AIMH on the B stage and rarities on C stage are also highlights in my view.
  18. What a great idea this is. Will definitely be making a purchase.
  19. I think it's a given that they will do another European leg. The question is for how long will it be and where (i.e. breadth of locations and venues). After seeing them at Wembley I'm kind of hoping they'll do arenas, but I think I'd be happy for anything, so long as it's near to where I live (i.e. North West England).
  20. Makes me laugh. I was a bit further back on the right hand side, but the amount of pushing in (by what turned out to be "casual fans") was ridiculous. Me and my sister must have been the only people within a mile radius who sang every word to every song. Fag-smoking wannabe hooligans, touchy, oblivious couples, popcorn bearing (yes, that's right) pusher-inners. Such a diverse crowd! :laugh4: Seriously though, I think it's ironic when you witness the generosity of spirit coming from the band, only to be stood next to self-serving people. Would've preferred to have been surrounded by all of y
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