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Just for anyone who hasn't seen


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Ok, what do I have to say about this... It's not so good to be honest.


- Volume is completely out of control, I decided to stop it at a moment.

- ReMIX? You mean just re. There is no mix in this, just cut and paste work and some additional instruments.

- Mess, a huge mess!


You should take more time for mixing, listen it with different sort of speakers.

Also, put the volume untill you can hear it well, then a bit back, make space for the vocals and remove the 'over the top' lows and highs.

Add some more rhythm, it's missing it!


I hope it helped you!

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I like it, however it is a little messy - as someone who covers coldplay, it is easy to produce something messy as i often do, so i don sympathize with you... you just gotta keep going, listen to what people say and try harder next time, nice remix though

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