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Hi a mom of 2 teens and just found out ...


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The one getting counseling wasn't depressed just plain out of control and the one that is seriously depressed is well on the edge. We moved to California from Utah where we heard ColdPlay and other awesome bands, but on Central Coast it4 hard to find Gen x music, arrrgh. If we had the right music playing the gangters wouldn't be so difficut to have to see! Ohh well, it4 sunny and 70 degrees and have a great garden and awesome patio so I can soak up the sun! Speed of sound kinda day! Peace!

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Hello there and welcome! To second Tracie Morgan's post, Coldplay truly has helped me through some very tough times. In fact, the hardest times of my life. They are almost supernatural or something. I can remember being 11 years old and sort of getting on a not-so-great path in life. I'm sure it sounds corny, but even though I've loved CP my entire life, it wasn't until 11 years old I listened to all of their stuff, and their music made me into a better person. Truly. It made me think twice about the bad road I was taking in life, and inspired me to stay away from it forever. All I can say is HAIL COLDPLAY!! :D Anywho, welcome here!! :)

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