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Possible MX b-sides!


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I've been going through the pop up album and in the artwork and in Chris' notebook I've been able to find songs that have been written for MX but never released so hopefully we'll see a few of these as b-sides!!!!


Car Kids(Obviously)

Golden Arrow

The Wheat Breaks Butter

Every Street on Every Surface



Hands the End Halfs


Up on a Wire

Shred (A song they considered playing at Glastonbury)

Things in the Trees

Fine Balloons

L.I.A.L.D+T.K.K. Me (Also considered for Glastonbury)

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Somehow I got the feeling that...

"Every street on every surface" is Hurts Like Heaven

and "The Wheat Breaks Butter" is "The Wheel Breaks [the] Butter[fly]" -> Paradise

"Hands the End Halfs" is "[you're holding in your] hands the [two] halfs [of my heart]" -> Princess Of China


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It is actually L I A L D N T K Come.


LIALD is Love In A Lethal Dose.

N is just short for "and"

TKC, all coldplay fans should know that is 'Til Kingdom Come, the 13th track of X&Y.


Love In A Lethal Dose is the only thing interesting there..


I knew I messed that up in some way. Chris' handwriting is very hard to read:)

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