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  1. Thoughts on the Beastie Boys? Chris covered Fight For Your Right after MCAs death and I thought it was really cool, and I like a lot of their other stuff too. Thoughts?
  2. My computer died on me a little while ago and it's not until recentely that I've gotten it fixed. I haven't been on here on a while and I can't help but be paranoid that something has happened in the Coldplaying world that I don't want to find out about randomly while reading through some thread in a few months. Has there been any unreleased songs performed and recorded while I was away? I know they're going to do it at some point because they perform unreleased songs on EVERY tour. I want to make sure I don't miss them because so many of them are AMAZING (Bloodless Revolution, Ladder to the S
  3. I don't think Chris has ever expressed a dislike for the song seriously. Chris tends to bash on every song he writes (Which I really hate, he shouldn't go Kanye West on us but he should at least give himself some credit) he has said the song is boring in a track-by-track which I'm sure some of you have seen. But he also said he didn't like The Scientist, Don't Panic, and Yellow in the same interview. I'm pretty sure Chris at least likes The Scientist and Yellow even if he's not to fond of Don't Panic.
  4. I've always had trouble narrowing down what my favorites from X&Y are. But this is definitely in the top 3.
  5. I guess we can find out on Saturday, I live right next door to a record store so it's going to be craziness around here. I just wish they were releasing something new for record store day...
  6. For You 9 Careful Where You Stand 7 Help is Around the Corner 6 NMKMFOTG 1 You Only Live Twice 6 Brothers and Sisters 6
  7. For You 9 Careful Where You Stand 7 Help is Around the Corner 5 No More Keeping My Feet on the Ground 1 You Only Live Twice 7 Brothers and Sisters 6
  8. YES. Kony should definetly become big in the Coldplaying community.
  9. For You 9 Careful Where You Stand 7 Help is Around the Corner 5 NMKMFOTG 2 You Only Live Twice 5 Brothers and Sisters 7
  10. For You 9 Careful Where You Stand 6 Help is Around the Corner 4 No More Keeping my Feet on the Ground 4 You Only Live Twice 5 Brothers and Sisters 7
  11. UGH!!!!! I ORDERED A 42 T-SHIRT BEFORE I SAW THIS THREAD!!!!! I DON'T HAVE THE MONEY TO GET A COLDPLAYER SHIRT!!! CRAP!!!!! Well I guess it doesn't matter much, the only Coldplayers that have announced they're going to the Atlanta Georgia concert have yet to be seen on this thread so I guess they won't be wearing one either. I think it'd be cool to set up some kind of stand somewhere around where a concert is being held to sell Coldplaying merchandise and meet up with other Coldplayers.
  12. YES!!!!! Too many people in the U.S. (Especially Texas. No offense but I used to live in Houston and EVERYONE hated Coldplay. Though it's not much better in North Carolina :veryangry2:) hate on Coldplay. I will show this to all my "Lil Wayne" friends!
  13. Yellow's easy to play too. First song I ever learned on guitar, Yellow and Animals. Then again my music teacher has called me a "Musical prodigy :\" several times. It might be because It took me an hour to pick up a guitar for the first time, figure out how to tune it, and learn how to learn those 2 songs extremely fluently. I feel arrogant saying that, though .
  14. For You 7 Careful Where You Stand 5 Help is Around the Corner 4 NMKMFOTG 5 You Only Live Twice 5 Brothers and Sisters 9
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