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  1. But then again, we've only been in this decade for 2 and a half years and I'm quite sure there's something even bigger to come. As time goes by, the crap tends to fade away quite fast and only the true masterpieces will be remembered. (If we choose not to think of trashpop parties and 80ies-revival shows. I hate those.) By the way, LMFAO sucks balls.
  2. People make such a fuss about motifs that sound the same. Today I heard about some women sueing Michael Teló for plagiarizing "Ai seu te pego"... :dozey: And regarding Zeljko's song: fairly good taste, but sounds a lot better in Serbian.
  3. :shocked2: I swear I've never ever heard this riff before, and I listened to it a couple of times.
  4. Kinda annoying how people have started crying out "PLAGIARISM!" as soon as they find something that sounds similar to something else. Heck, look at the charts. It's like 5 times the same song. Actually, it's not even unusual that the same rhythms, harmonies and melodies keep coming up over and over again. I mean, we're not talking about unbelievably complex musical areas. That's the easiest possible scale and all chords are taken from it. Mind, just because it sounds the same doesn't mean one has taken it from the other. They might as well got the same idea. Btw, the vocals from that Temple
  5. Lost, Cemeteries of London (with a capo) and Trouble (apart from the barrés) are kinda easy too.
  6. Thank you for all the positive feedback, I'm glad you like it :heart: Actually I might be posting some serious stuff if I got some time after my exams :juggle:
  7. The birds they sang at 2 am "Go to bed" I hear them say It's so hard to just fall asleep - aoh The Birds they sang all a choir "Go to sleep a little earlier" It's a drag on a friday* night The sky is black Dreamed that lie till i lied With all my pillows on the floor My arms turn wings wrapped into my quilt Try to climb back into my bed And then I am back in my dreams Might have to sleep without a proper bed On a couch where the springs are so terribly hard But I won't show or fear any pain Even though my bare legs are so terribly frozen A simple cold But I know one da
  8. I don't really get what you're refering to, but maybe pictures will help (I'm really terrible at explaining ^^): http://www.playhotguitar.com/images/printable-guitar-chord-chart.gif http://www.guitarplayerscenter.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/cheatsheet.jpg You gotta look how it fits best. Sometimes you really need to try around a bit, some positions need a lot of practise. Edit: For some chords you need special finger positions like putting your first finger over all the strings, like here: http://www.planetguitar.net/workshop/chords/part5/barre_finger.jpg
  9. It's like the 1000th time I'm reading this question, but anyway :D If you take a random tab like e|-12-12--7h9-7h9-12-12--7h9-7h9-12-12--7h9-7h9-12-12-\-9-7h9-7h9-| B|----------------------------------------------------------------| G|----------------------------------------------------------------| D|----------------------------------------------------------------| A|----------------------------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------------------------| It's basically a picture of the guitar from above (as if you turned your guitar so
  10. Somehow I got the feeling that... "Every street on every surface" is Hurts Like Heaven and "The Wheat Breaks Butter" is "The Wheel Breaks [the] Butter[fly]" -> Paradise "Hands the End Halfs" is "[you're holding in your] hands the [two] halfs [of my heart]" -> Princess Of China :thinking:
  11. This is what Up In Flames should have been like. Lovely tune.
  12. I first liked the second half more, but then I discovered those background vocals in the first part and now I like the first part more. Godlike song.
  13. Parachutes: Spies AROBTTH: Amsterdam (GPASUYF live) X&Y: White Shadows VLV: Cemeteries of London/Violet Hill MX: Charlie Brown
  14. I get what you mean. Ungodly Hour is better unfortunately. :disappointed:
  15. That's the art in making something similar sound completely different. ;)
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