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Collection of Mylo Xyloto wallpapers


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un favor coldplayer


Can you fix the first 2 links please?


hola amigo los links ya no funcionan no se si los pudieses subir nuevamente pues necesito las fotos te lo agradecería mucho si por favor coldplayer

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I made a selection of Mylo Xyloto wallpapers that are very nice specially on Windows 7 changing every 30 minutes. I want to share them with you guys:





•1 Mylo Xyloto's cover HD image

(without the writings)

•14 band's wall HD pictures of every Mylo Xyloto's song

(content from Pop-Up book, but without the writings)

(special thanks to our friend eFrK for the Pop-Up book pictures)

•6 selected band's HD Mylo Xyloto themed pictures

•1 extra band's wall picture

(the one that was included on the Tour Pack, but without the writings)

•1 silver MX HD wallpaper




Deposit Files: http://depositfiles.com/files/b7awap838 <--- Not Working anymore


Mirror: http://www51.zippyshare.com/v/89274397/file.html (Thanks Leusi068)


http://beta.chomikuj.pl/hps/Coldplay+HQ/Tapety (My wallpapers and more several, thanks hps)




Preview(thanks hps):





Mobile Backgrounds(by Yellow la Guy):


iPhone 4/4s (640x960)

LG GD880 Mini (480x800)

HTC Incedible (480x800)

Samsung Galaxy S i9000 & Vibrant (960x800)

HTC Desire HD (960x800)

Motorola Droid 2 Global (960x854)

Motorola Photon/Electify (540x960)




Hope you guys like it ;)

1556195255222.thumb.jpg.4539707ca4f6b184e0d548755e56e015.jpg 1556195255222.thumb.jpg.4539707ca4f6b184e0d548755e56e015.jpg

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